Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camp with Two Kids ...

We packed up the family and drove down to our friends cabin in the southerntier. What an adventure that was. Poor David. I'm not sure if we could have fit much more in the truck. I packed probably 15 outfits for each of the kids plus, diapers, blankets, toys, etc.

Finley was an angel. She slept great and really enjoyed being held and spoiled during the weekend. Grady had so much fun with the four other kids that were there! Unfortunately, he did not sleep well at all. David spent a lot of the weekend laying down with Grady and trying to get him to sleep. Grady is our child who NEVER sleeps in our bed... well he was so tired that he slept with us both nights. How fun was that? The two of us and Grady in a full-size bed! There were many times when David and I took elbows and feet to the head and ribs!

What an adventure it was... can't wait to see what NC is going to be like.

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