Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year. So different than last year. Last year we had one little guy and a little girl that was still in my belly. Grady did not totally understand what was going on. This year we have two little ones who are so active and busy! As much as Grady "got" the whole presents thing... so did Finley. She was more than happy to rip presents and grab at the toys.

Ya Ya had spent the night and Christmas Eve and was waiting with us to watch Grady come down the stairs and see all of the wonderful presents that Santa had brought the night before. When I was growing up my Grampa and Grama were always at my house when I woke up and I love having that memory. I'm so glad that Grady and Finley can have that with their YaYa.

The hit of Christmas for Grady was Elmo Encore Live. One of my favorite gifts that Finley got was the Madam Alexander Baby Huggums doll. It's just like the one I had while I was growing up. Good ole Ya Ya.

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