Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sausage Roll

David is leaving late tonight, early tomorrow morning to go to a convention in Indianapolis.  So, today we are running around doing errands getting him ready to go.  

While I am thrilled for him, that he has time to be with friends and have some down time, I will miss him desperately!  I am hoping that I am able to be able to spend some time with my BFF Joe and my mom.  I am sure that time will go quickly, but I will miss him.  I am afraid that Grady will cut his first tooth and as much a I am anxious for that tooth to pop, I am hoping it waits until next Monday! 

Here is a picture of our little sausage roll!  I was writing the blog yesterday and when I looked over, this is what I saw... our little guy rolled up like a sausage roll!


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