Monday, February 2, 2009

We're Protesting!

Well, Grady and I have decided to protest that the Groundhog saw his shadow!  We think it is a conspiracy!  We are tired of winter and being cooped up, so we are protesting... (not that it is going to do any good).

I found this shirt last summer at The Children's Place for $1.99 and I had to get it!  If only for him to wear one day-but it was too cute not to get it!  

We have been laying low.  With the cold weather and a pregnant me-have kept us pretty close to the house.  We did not go out at all last week until Saturday when we met Ya Ya for dinner.  As soon as we put Grady in the car he started to cheer and clap-the poor boy!  He was a bit of a handful last week-and I think he might just have cabin fever!  So-despite the cold we may be braving the outdoors a day or two this week just to get some of the stink blown off of Grady!  

In other news... Grady is a busy boy!  He is walking around anything that he can hold onto!  He is brave and seems to have no fear.  He just wants to walk and be independent.  David mentioned to me the other night that I must be sad-as Grady is getting closer to walking and I told him that I was really over it.  Right now I am so ready for him to walk.  Being 26 weeks pregnant-and him weighing almost 25 lbs...I am beat!  So, BRING ON WALKING!  

Something to look forward to this week.... Lucy is expected to make her way into the world this week.  Joe's due date was Thursday the 29th and that came and went.  They are looking to induce her mid week!  I cannot wait to meet this little girl and see my best friend become a mom!  

That's all for now!  



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