Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grady's First Hair Cut

Today, we took Grady for his first hair cut! It was long over due. I kept making excuses why we had not cut it. I was afraid his curls would go away, I did not want to cut it until Mathias got to see it... but ultimately, I could just not handle it.

So, in preparation for our vacation at the beach and for the start of school, I bit the bullet and had it cut.

David met us at the salon. We were both really unsure how Grady would do. He tends to be a bit of a character... and then again he does tend to surprise us. This was definitely one of those times. I had been been talking to Grady all day about how he was going to get his hair cut and that Kaylee was going to take scissors and "snip, snip" his hair. Maybe that helped.

We put David in the chair and Grady sat on his lap and he did not move a muscle. He was so good and never fussed! It was as if he had had his hair cut 10 times! What a character my little guy is!

His hair looks great! His curls are still there... it's exactly what I wanted! He does look much older now... but what should I expect... he is almost TWO!

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