Monday, September 13, 2010

Let's Catch Up...

I've been a terrible Blogger this year. I'm ashamed that I have not posted anything. Looking at my last posts, I am reminded of how much my two little ones have grown. They are just amazing! Let's catch up!

Miss Finn. Currently 16 months & 3 Weeks! (How did this happen?) She is walking (finally- she just started a little over a month ago) & is a chatterbox. She says over 30 words and is constantly repeating everything I say! She is still a Mommy's girl - which I love! Finley loves Grady & now that she is really mobile, she is always one step behind Grady. She is my good eater. She is the one that wants to eat & will try anything.

Look at this BIG boy! Grady is almost 3. I cry whenever I start to think about him actually turning 3! As much as I am so thankful for his health and that he is developmentally where he should be... I am heartbroken that he is ending his toddler phase and starting he preschool years. Grady is so funny! He even says "Grady's funny" which is not something that I am happy about. I have visions of him wanting the label of "the class clown". He knows all of his ABC's. Many of his numbers and all of his colors. He is left handed dominate & loves practicing his letters. Coloring & cutting are fun activities right now. He will sit for an hour and sit at the table with me while I work on something. It's fun to see his interest span growing. His speech is doing well. I was worried so long about it... but he really is right on target.

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