Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!  I am so happy to see Friday this week as it means that we are closer to David coming home!  While we have managed just fine without him, it's not the same!  

Today is Weight Watchers.  YaYa and I have been doing WW for a couple months now.  She has been a rock star, but the pounds are not melting as quickly for me (and I have been following the plan not cheating!).  This week I changed things up a bit and changed to CORE.  I have found that I am less hungry and feeling better... let's see if the scales say the same thing.

YaYa is coming this afternoon to watch Grady so that I can go to an appointment.  Then this evening, Grady and I are going to have dinner with Auntie JoJo and to do a little shopping!  

I have a ton of things on my list to do before David gets home--hopefully I can cross a bunch of them off today!  

This picture is for Mrs. Mahon (Joe/Auntie JoJo's Mom) who got Grady the outfit--it's a sweet Classic Pooh outfit-size 6 months.  She brought it to us in the hospital right after I had Grady and I remember thinking that we might loose him and he would never wear it... but here he is healthy and thriving and looking EVER so cute in it!  Thanks again Mrs. Mahon (and Mr. Mahon too!).  

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