Tuesday, December 16, 2008

NICU Tile Wall

On Saturday we attended the unveiling of the NICU tile wall that will be displayed in the waiting area of the NICU in the coming weeks.  We made a tile for Grady and our friends the Buzards made a tile for their son Ryan.  

We were a bit surprised that the "wall" was so small, only approximately a 4 foot square.  It will be displayed in the waiting area of the NICU in the coming weeks.  David and I felt that it was important to have a tile made for Grady, as it will provide a source of inspiration to families who have a preemie and feel like they are not going to make it.  There is currently a tile wall up displaying tons of NICU success stories.  While Grady was in the NICU, I used to stand in the waiting area, making phone calls and updating family and friends on his condition that day.  I always looked for babies who were around the same weight as he was.  I found it to be an inspiration and I hope his tile is now an inspiration too.

Dr. Stevens, the head of the NICU was there along with Dr. D'Angio and one of the nurses.  It was so nice to see them and again thank them for everything that they did for Grady.  (Dr. Stevens was Grady's Doctor for three weeks and Dr. D'Angio had Grady last two weeks that Grady was there.)

After the unveiling, we went to see Santa.  The last picture is of Ryan and Grady waiting in line to see Santa.  (Those pictures will come tomorrow!)

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