Thursday, November 13, 2008

Grady's One Year NICU Clinic Visit

This morning we headed back to Strong for Grady's ONE year check up from NICU. What memories it brought back traveling the same route we did for 70 days (Poor David had to travel it more due to the bed rest...what a trooper!) My friend, Kim (who had a preemie) had already taken her son and called to tell me what was involved, so we kind of had an idea going into our appointment.  

While I had no concerns about Grady, I was worried that he would not "preform" the tasks that he was asked to by the Neurologists, Psychologist and others he would have to see. Silly me!  

Grady was once again the life of the party! He flirted with the Doctors and was a champ when it came to preforming the developmental tests. The Psychologist was thrilled with everything he could do and could not even keep up with him on the test that they follow, as Grady was preforming each task so quickly. Grady was evaluated based on his corrected age (when he was supposed to be born) which was 9 months. His weight was 19 lbs 10 oz and he was 27 3/4 inches long. He was between the 25 and 50% tiles for his weight and height and his head circumference was in the 95% tile. The Doctor said that it was nothing to be concerned with as his head was not out of proportion and it showed that his brain was growing! We are thrilled to report that Grady was released from the clinic and will not need to be seen again. We are so thankful and count ourselves blessed that our baby is growing and developing as he should be.  
After the clinic, we went for a quick NICU visit and took cupcakes to say thank you to the Doctor's and Nurses. Unfortunately we were only able to see two nurses, be we left a thank you note with recent pictures of Grady.

We are thrilled that there is no need for Grady to return to the clinic and be evaluated, that they have no concerns and have told us that he is doing great! What more could we ask for!

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