Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, my water broke for the second time and I was admitted to Strong Memorial Hospital for bed rest and to see how long I could keep our little baby inside.  While I only lasted 8 days, it really was a huge accomplishment.

This morning I sent a note to Christine who was my roommate during bed rest.  She had been admitted almost a week earlier than I had.  She was expecting twins and had the same due date with me.  Christine kept her boys in a couple of weeks longer than I did with Grady.  I shared with her this morning how thankful I was that here we were a year later, three healthy and thriving boys later.  How blessed we are!  

This morning my little man was in the computer room with me (in his walker-thanks Ya Ya) and he discovered the electrical outlets!  What a guy!  I am so thankful that he is a busy and inquisitive little boy who just loves every adventure he gets into.



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