Tuesday, March 31, 2009


These are a couple of shots that I have taken over the past few weeks.  

It seems like my little boy is getting bigger by the minute!  I'm not sure I like it and I'm afraid that once our little girl arrives, time is going to fly by even faster!  


Happy Birthday Ya Ya!

It was Ya Ya's birthday on Monday so we began celebrating over the weekend.  We had secretly invited her best buddy - Mrs. Howie and her husband Mr. Howie to join us for dinner at Outback.  Ya Ya was excited and it was a great evening.  We actually had the waiter snap a picture of all of us!  Notice the huge pregnant woman in front - when I say huge-I not kidding as I am already measuring 40 weeks!  YIKES!

Yesterday after my doctor's appointment, Grady and I spent a quiet day with Ya Ya followed up by dinner and presents.  Happy Birthday Ya!

Ya Ya we love you and are so thankful for everything you do for us!  You're the best! 

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Ok... I have been a bad blogger. I have no excuse and I am going to try to be better over the next month!  

Today was a beautiful day, so Grady and I ventured out to the park.  Actually we ended up going to two parks-as the first one was full-not a swing available.  But we struck gold at the second park-no one on the baby swings.  

Here are a couple of the best pictures I took from our outing!