Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Conversation with Ya Ya

Late yesterday afternoon, Grady was taking a nap and I heard the UPS truck on our street.  I did not think to much of it because I was not expecting any packages.  So, while Grady was still sleeping, I ran outside to get the mail and propped up against our front door was  a BIG (not to thick) box.  

I must admit, I get excited when I get a package that I am not expecting.  As I got closer to the package I could see what it was... a baby walker and it was addressed to Grady.  I brought the box into the house and picked up the phone and called Ya Ya.  This was our conversation...

Hello?  (Ya Ya)
Did you buy Grady a walker? (me)
I don't know what you are talking about. (Ya Ya)
You're crazy! (me)
Oh-can you not say that out loud?  (Ya Ya)
You really wanted him to have a walker, huh?  (me)
Grady told me that he felt trapped and that he could not go anywhere, so I told him not to worry that Ya Ya would fix that.  (Ya Ya)

Let's just say that I am in trouble.  Of course I am always thankful for how much my mom spoils Grady and how generous she is... but I can only imagine what it is going to be like when he starts to talk!  Some day I just know a pony is going to end up in our back yard!  

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