Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our End of Summer Weekend

We had a quick Labor Day weekend.  Not sure where the summer went, but it is now officially over.  We had a nice weekend.  We got a bunch of lawn work done and things done around the house.  Grady had his first opportunity to help David with his Fantasy Football draft.  It was so cute... as David held Grady and told him all about Fantasy Football -- "Fantasy Football is for all of us who are not good enough to play football".  

Yesterday we had a pre-thanksgiving dinner at YaYa's house, where she made Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and Squash.  Grady loved the squash, but did not seem to enjoy the mashed potatoes.  He sat up to the table in my high chair (circa 1970 something) and he loved it.  The tray was metal so he was able to bang it and make noise.  Much more fun than his plastic one at home.  

Today we are headed outside to paint the glider that I bought a year ago and YaYa is coming over to spend some time with us.  

Happy Tuesday!



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