Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday's Trip to the Zoo

Friday, Grady and I had a date to go to the zoo with Kim and Ryan.  Here's the interesting story about how we know Kim and Ryan (and Dad, Todd).

Kim and I went to high school together and lived on the same street.  And we had not seen each other since then.  About two weeks after Grady was born, we got a new baby in our pod.  It was really interesting to watch the doctors and nurses work on the baby, because as a new parent, you are not allowed to see your baby until after they have the baby stabilized and have done a complete work up.  So, for me, I was really impressed with everything that had happened while the parents were anxiously waiting to see the baby. 

Eventually a call came back to the pod stating that the family wanted to come back.  The nurse said to send them back.  So, there I was sitting next to Grady's incubator writing in his journal and in walks Kim.  It's was bizarre to see someone you known from your past walking into your NICU pod.  Needless to say we were happy to see each other and this crazy NICU experience has allowed us to rekindle our friendship.  Kim and I spent almost a month together in Pod A.  We shared our days together.  Eating lunch together, talking across the Pod, and just going through the crazy NICU experience together.  Ryan was also chosen to be in one of the U of R commercials that aired during the Super Bowl.  

Fast forward 9 months later and Kim and I try to get together at least once a month for lunch and sometimes a little shopping at Babies R Us.  Friday we took the boys to the zoo.  It was so much fun to reflect on how big our little guys had grown and how much we love motherhood.  
How fun will it be that these two boys will be friends as they grow up and how amazing it is to think of how they came into the world and how wonderfully they are doing.  

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