Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Photo Shoot

Sorry it's been a couple of days... I don't feel like I have a lot to say since I shared our big news on Monday.  I am still feeling sick... I am wondering when the ICK will pass.  Joe wrote me this morning and said... "maybe today is the day that you start feeling better".  I thought it was so nice to hear it that way.  I need to start being positive... saying... today is the day that I am going to feel better.  Maybe mind over matter will work?  If not I have the name of a safe natural med that I am going to try!  

This morning I felt adventurous so I put Grady into his Halloween costume that Auntie JoJo got him last year on clearance.  I poured Grady into it (It's a 0-9 month costume and he just barely fits into it-to say it is snug is an understatement).  I set  him on the floor and tried to take some pictures.  Unfortunately, it is so snug on him that he couldn't really sit without falling over, so we had to head up to his room and use his crib to steady him.  

Here is one of the first pictures after he fell over.  You can see he was not amused!  

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