Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Photo Shoot

This past weekend, I was in Stamford, CT for a photography retreat.  It was two and a half days aimed at teaching me how to use my digital SLR better.  Since the weather was so nice, I decided I should go outside and try to take some pictures and see what I could do.   I am proud to say in the matter of 15 minutes I took 400 pictures.  Unfortunately, only about 10 came out.  This does not surprise or shock me.  One of the photographers at the retreat said that when she does a shoot she takes about 1000 and has about 50 that turn out.  For me, I am struggling with the light and getting crispness. What I took away from the weekend was that I need to simply just practice, practice, practice.  Here is one of the better pictures from today.  I did change it into antique using my photo editing software.   I had a hard time getting the bink away from Grady and when I finally did, he was extremely sober.  Oh well, there is always tomorrow!

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