Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Eleven Months

Where has the time gone?  Today, my precious little boy is 11 months old.  In only 31 short days he will no longer be a baby, but rather a big one year old boy!  How did this happen?  I have always said that when I had a baby I was going to shellack them at 6 weeks old, since that was my favorite age.  They were still tiny and loved to cuddle and you could just hold them and watch them sleep.  Well, at six weeks Grady was still in the hospital hooked up to monitors and four pounds.  When we brought him home at 70 days old, he weighed 5 pounds 8 ounces and I wanted to shellack him then, but David wouldn't let me.  Then he reached about 8 months of age and he started to do all these fun things and giggle from the depth of his belly and again I wanted to shellack him and keep him at that stage forever.  Reality has hit and I know I cannot shellack him at all of my favorite stages, but what I can do is enjoy him and treasure every moment that I have with him at every stage of his life!

At 11 month, Grady.....
  • Weighs 18lbs 5.5 oz
  • Has a ton of wild and curly blonde hair
  • Has one tooth (it finally came in at 10 months and one day!)
  • Loves real food!  Favorites include bananas, pancakes, pasta, chicken pot pie, and bread
  • Is sleeping 12+ hours a night and has at least two naps during the day 
  • Loves his blanket and pacifier
  • Refuses to crawl, but rolls anywhere he needs to get to
  • Is finally sitting on his own without falling back in order to lay on the floor and roll around
  • Prefers standing to sitting
  • Is extremely fast, he swipes Ya Ya's glasses and earrings off with one quick swipe
  • Falls asleep on his own when we put him in his crib
  • Loves to squeal and sing
  • Plays patty-cake by himself
  • Loves any music he hears
  • Is growing out of his 9 month clothing and is into 12 month clothing
  • Wakes up happy always!
  • Easy-going.  We can take him anywhere
  • Plays really well by himself
  • Feeds himself finger food and would like to feed himself with the spoon (if I would let him)
  • Is our joy and our everything!



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