Tuesday, September 16, 2008

We're Back

Hi everyone.  We've been away for a few days.  David had to go to the Boston area for work on Friday, so we packed up the truck and went with him.  This was Grady's first visit to another state and hotel stay.  We left Thursday afternoon and arrived shortly before 10 p.m..  Grady did great, but he protested the last hour or so in the car.  

Friday morning, we dropped David off at work and we went exploring.  Thank goodness for GPS, as it made exploring much easier.  I searched for a mall and was thrilled when there was one only 4 miles away.  Unfortunately, when I pulled in, I noticed it was a strip mall rather than a real mall.  It ended up being a great discovery.  We went to a Target (gotta love them regardless of where they are), a Trader Joe's -- I loved it!  I wish that we had one in Rochester... we need something to give Wegman's a run for their money!  We also went to a Whole Foods which was great.  Almost everything was organic and I was surprised that their prices were not any more than Wegman's.  One thing that I noticed was that everyone brought their own bags to the grocery stores.  At Trader Joe's each time you bring your own bag, you get entered into a monthly drawing for a $25 gift certificate.  At Whole Foods, they give you a nickel back for each bag you bring.  It was very impressive to see.  It made me realize that I need to be much more conscious of this as well.  

Saturday we drove about an hour and a half and visited my friend Fabre and her family!  It was so much fun to see them.  Fabre and I met a year ago at a scrapbook event in NH.  We keep in touch via email, but have seen each other three times this summer, as she and her husband were vacationing in the Finger Lakes this summer and we were able to spend a couple of days with them and then I had a chance to have dinner with them on their way through to Toronto.  We went on a Kitchen Tour that was hosted by their local garden club.  That was so much fun.  We put Grady in the Baby Bjorn and he did great. He loved it!  On Saturday evening, we took the train into Boston and had yummy Italian and finished the evening with some amazing pastries from Modern Pastry.  (We only stood in line for about 40 minutes for our goodies.)

On Sunday we were hoping to visit the zoo, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and because it was raining, we decided to have breakfast and head for home.  We got home around 6 p.m.  and were happy to be back in our own home.  Grady was thrilled to see his toys, excersaucer and the floor where he could stretch out and roll around.  

Although I lugged the camera with us, I only took two pictures of a flock of wild turkeys that crossed the road in front of us on our way to a house on the kitchen tour.  Fabre took a few and I will post them once I get them!  

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